Fall 2016 Registration for players is now Live! Coaches will have to wait a little longer to register. From now on, you will register for each season (Fall and Spring). The cost is $45 per season. Also, a $10 late fee will be charged for registrations after August 15, 2016. If your child needs a new uniform, the cost will be $20 for a shirt, shorts, and socks.  

NOTE: You will need a digital copy of your child’s birth certificate. A clear phone photo will be acceptable.

There will be no registration fees for any child, new or returning, who was directly affected by the flood. If you are directly affected by the flood or you know someone who was, please send us a message through Facebook or email scottabbott@ymail.com so we can let you know how to register. We will also provide a uniform and soccer gear (cleats, shin guards, and a ball) for those affected.
To register, please go to http://elkriver.sportsaffinity.com and click the blue “Registration” link on the right side.